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A total of 136 buses and coaches attended the last South East Bus Festival, 74 (54%) of which had not been to our previous ten events.

You can view an album on our Facebook page containing 270 photos taken at the 2022 event by clicking here.

For the wide range of buses and coaches that have attended our previous events please click the year buttons at the top of this page to download PDFs of the entries lists.


The 2020 and 2023 buttons list those vehicles that had been entered up to the time that the events were cancelled due to the Coronavirus restrictions in place in 2020 and due to the  showground being waterlogged following unusually high rainfall in 2023.

As a result of the need to put in place our wet weather plan due to the softness of the grassed areas of the showground, the buses and coaches will be displayed in various parts of the site, utilising areas of hardstanding or parts of roadways rather than the central grassed area on which they normally stand.

Many of the vehicles on display are privately owned and their owners will have spent a lot of time and money keeping them in good condition, renovating them, garaging them and running them.

Please treat the vehicles with respect and only enter them if invited.

Please also refrain from taking food or drinks on board if you are invited or if you are riding on the buses and coaches on the free showground bus service.

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