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Model bus displays

Model collectors often specialise in buses and a huge range of die-cast model buses and coaches has been produced over the years by manufacturers such as Corgi, Lledo, Exclusive First Editions, Creative Master Northcord, Britbus and Oxford Diecast.

Many models have represented vehicles from bus and coach companies across South East England and new models are regularly released.

Other collectors build their own models from scratch and some like to have bus station layouts representing the town of a particular bus company.

Then there are those who take a diecast model bus and skilfully change the livery or even the casting of the bus to represent something slightly different.

The South East Bus Festival always attracts a regular band of model collectors displaying their collections in the main exhibition hall in the Clive Emson Conference Centre, alongside the large number of sales-stands selling bus-related items.

How to book a model display
If you collect bus models, have bus station layouts on which to display them or even build your own models from scratch then you are invited to show them off at the South East Bus Festival.

To book a stand just complete a Sales Stand and Display Booking Form which can be requested by writing to 'South East Bus Festival', 21 Forde Avenue, Bromley, Kent BR1 3EU, by emailing or by phoning 07932 812268.

There is no charge to display your models, and models representing any bus and coach companies are welcome.

Please note that you will need to bring your own tables and chairs.

Parking space will be available outside the exhibition hall for those bringing model displays, with access to the hall through several doors around the building for setting up and dismantling of your stand at the start and end of the day.

Setting-up of stands can also be undertaken on the afternoon of the day before the event.


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