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Free bus rides


A very popular feature of the South East Bus Festival has always been the free bus rides around the showground.


Please note that the wet weather plan for this year means that some sections of roadway will be used for parking buses and coaches that would normally be parked on the grassed areas but we will do our very best to keep open the main roadways used for the free bus rides around the site so that popular activity can still go ahead.

Scheduled to run every five minutes, the free rides have been so busy at previous festivals that extra vehicles have had to be put into use during the day.

Around thirty of the buses and coaches attending the event will give the free rides, allowing the opportunity to ride on many types of vehicle that festival visitors might not otherwise have had the chance to sample.

They are scheduled in one-hour time slots, during which time they will make a number of circuits of the showground, with several vehicles in use at any one time and including low-entry accessible buses.

You can see the list of vehicles that it is intended to use, and the times at which they will be operating, by clicking here.

All vehicles listed will be subject to being available on the day but if any are unavailable then substitutes will be allocated.

The free bus service runs a circular route around the showground site, linking six bus stops that include the main pedestrian entrance, the entrance from the car park, the Clive Emson Conference Centre (where the indoor features of the event take place) and the Heritage Transport Show.


You can either take a ride to get from one part of the site to another or just enjoy riding on different types of bus and coach from bygone times to the present day, either by hopping on and off at the different stops or taking the complete circular route.

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