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How to enter your vehicle

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At the last South East Bus Festival there were 136 vehicle entries, around forty of which gave rides on the high-frequency bus service around the showground.

It is hoped to have an even larger gathering of buses and coaches attending in 2024 and we look forward to welcoming a very varied selection of vehicles.


Vehicle entry forms can be downloaded by clicking the 'Vehicle entry form' button at the top of this page. We have also included a link to the invitation letter that will be sent to those vehicle owners who have attended previously. This gives some additional information that will be of use to those entering their buses and coaches who might not have been before.

All buses and coaches are welcome, whether old or new, in preservation or in service and from the local area or from far away.

Although most will be in pristine condition, those still under restoration or being prepared for repaint are welcome to attend, as this shows the sort of work involved in restoring an old vehicle to its former glory.

At the last 
event seventy-four of the vehicles entered had not attended the ten previous bus festivals, showing that there are always plenty of different buses and coaches to be seen each year.

The showground is an ideal place for owners of historic vehicles and for current bus and coach operators to show off their favourite vehicles and there is plenty of space available for a considerable number to be displayed in pleasant surroundings.

Bus and coach operators welcome!

Entries from operators are especially welcome as the event gives an opportunity for the managers and employees of local companies to get together while showing off their latest stock to members of the public and the large number of bus enthusiasts who flock to the festival that is acknowledged widely as being one of the leading bus events in the country.

The newer buses and coaches give a sharp contrast with the historic entries to show how road travel has developed over the years.

Free to enter

There is no charge to bring a vehicle to the festival and four free admissions are given to each bus or coach attending upon entering the site.


Any additional passengers will be required to pay the normal admission price, details of which are shown on our Admission Prices page.

The organisers would love to hear from anyone who is prepared to take part in the free bus rides around the showground.

To enter your bus or coach, please complete one Vehicle Entry Form for each vehicle being entered. Details of where to send your entries are shown at the bottom of the form.

Cars, commercials, military and other vehicles

Anyone wishing to enter cars, commercials, military vehicles, motorbikes or tractors should contact Kent Showground to enter them into the main Heritage Transport Show. Click the Heritage Transport Show icon at the top of this page or the 'HTS' button to go to their website.


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