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Slide shows

One of the attractions of the South East Bus Festival are the live slide shows that take place in the Clive Emson Conference Centre. Over the past eleven events these have covered a wide variety of bus and coach subjects.


The live slide show for 2024 will again be presented by brothers Terry and Roy Blackman and will feature images that include a look at Metrobus of Orpington, Hastings & District between 1983 and 1989, and a variety of content from around the south east between the mid-1970s and the current day.

The slide show will commence at 1.00pm.

Continuous slide show

In addition to the live slide show, there will be a continuous slide show playing throughout the day in the Chilham Room which is situated upstairs in the Clive Emson Conference Centre (access by lift is available).

The complete set of images will take around thirty minutes to view but you can drop in and out of the room whenever you feel like a sit down during the day!


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